PornHub Model

As I participate in this program myself, I can recommend it with all my heart! It is 100% solvent.

How Does It Work?

  • Create a verified Pornhub account (or use the one you already have) – use this LINK
  • Sign up for the model program
  • Upload your videos
  • Fill out your info
  • That’s it! You’re done. Time to start making money

How Much I Will Earn?

  • The average rate for 1000 impressions is $ 0.70. However, you can earn in many ways.
  • You can also sell your films – you set the rate here
  • You can create movies on your order
  • You can allow viewers to buy your movies thrown in for publication

How do I Withdraw Money?

  • You can get paid by Check, Paxum, PayPal or Direct Deposit* every single month

When Are The Withdrawals?

  • It depends on the means of payment. I used only two. Paxum – around 15-18 days of the month. Paypal also 15-18 day of the month

Can I Perform Without a Face?

  • Of course! You can cover your face or not just record it. You can use a mask, hat etc.